Performax N1 Hybrid Strap in Black with Black stitching

Size: 20mm

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Made from tough nylon sailcloth style
Silicone lining for added durability
Padded design for extra comfort
Stitched construction
Strap thickness: 4.0mm
Stainless steel buckle
Recommended for active lifestyle

20mm: Buckle Width 18mm. length: 80mm and 120mm
22mm: Buckle Width 20mm. length: 80mm and 120mm

We will include a pair of 1.5mm springbar that is compatible to use with this strap. Please note that this strap will not fit a 2.5mm springbar.

*Free spring bar removal tool with purchase of any 3 or more watch straps from our website. 
(Free tool will not be reflected during checkout but will be added into your package during fulfillment)

Performax sail cloth combined with the resilience and waterproof capabilities of rubber.

Tough nylon sailcloth fabric.

Silicone rubber lining for extra durability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Stephen Edkins

Great waterproof strap if you want an alternative to the usual ridged dive watch straps. Well styled, durableUnobtrusive.

Johan Foong
Good Quality for the Price.

Build quality is good! Straps came a little stiff but should feel great once worn in a little. Also offers a much cooler sensation compared to the other strap I just switched from, which I really like. One big gripe I have is that it is not true to colour as shown on the online Catalogue - it's almost a more orange/bright red than the more maroon/crimson shown so it's a little too loud for my taste.

Not ideal for smaller wrist

Stuff strap, especially so when nearing the lugs making if slightly uncomfortable for people with smaller wrist that have to buckle near the topmost hole.

Also the black buckle seems to be slightly narrow and unable to fit the strap perfectly when using the topmost few holes. This also make it difficult to put on the strap due to friction between the strap and the buckle.

Suppose all these points listed are less of an issue when using the holes nearer to the bottom (my wrist is 6.5 inch and I'm using the third hole counting from the lug).

Gabriel Tan

Buckle is large and clumsy.

The stiffness of the strap I don't mind. But the ridges on its inside, which rubs against the skin, make wearing it uncomfortable.

Stiff Strap

The strap is pretty stiff making it uncomfortable to wear..even the buckle is so stiff that it will require some effort to put on on/off. Despite the discomfort, the looks of the strap is good.

Value Add-On

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