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Good quality strap

Good quality and good looking strap. Bought at kiosk and good service in changing strap.

Not my size

Not enough hole😌😌😌


Prompt delivery.
The quality is good, and the strap fits nicely.


Very pleased with the strap. The colour is very militaristic. The strap is well constructed. It would be great when this strap gets worn in and a little battered up. If I must nick pick, then I must say the holes for the spring bars are a little too large, which makes installing the strap to watches with the spring bars placed very near to the watch a little challenging.


This is certainly very good value for the money! However, when I received the package and upon closer inspection of the strap, I found two thread sticking out. Must have missed QC. The colour is way too dark to be NDC. The vendor has certainly improved on their photo's accuracy since earlier feedback, but the description is still a little off. As this review was written when the strap is still new, if the review is editable, I'll come back in the future to update on how the blackout buckle and keepers wear with age, my concern is the durability of the black coating and how will it weather. Do note that it didn't say it is PVD coated anywhere in the description.


Pretty good value for money. I've spent double (Italian) and not get similar quality (highly rated by customers).

However, like many reviews here, I have an issue with the colour. I wouldn't call it navy, it's more like greenish-blue. More green than blue. The blue will only appear under very specific angle/lighting.

It's brand new when I wrote this review, if this review can be edited, will come back to add more information after it has been worn for a bit more. That said, the initial experience is that it wears pretty comfortable, the underside of the strap is a calf (?) leather which is very soft and smooth on the skin. The top side which is "oil waxed" will appear to develop many fine "cracks" when flexed, giving the patina and vintage look that many desire for their worn leather. This achieves that look with minimal wear and effort.

An important point to note, both keepers here are free and loose. This is as opposed to some straps where one of the keepers is fixed near the buckle. This may or may not work for you. On the bright side, the keepers should not break so easily as compared to the fixed ones, while some might not like the additional movement from the keepers. Fortunately, the keeper loops are sized nicely and will stay in place due to friction.

What I didn't like is the buckle, it looks cheap and feels cheap, you may want to swap it out for your own.

Quick Release Classic Leather Watch Strap in Brown (20mm)

Beautiful strap, will definitely get afew more

The watch strap is very good. Genuine leather. Looks great too. Delivery was also fast.

Nice strap

Match my casio protrek... Feel so comfortable n premium quality.. Thanks nomad watch works.. For sure i will buy again for my others watches

Great Strap

Nice strap. Great design n fast delivery. Strap looks durable.

A strap for smaller wrists

I appreciate the effort to cater to smaller wrists by offering a single pass (so the wrist isn't diminished by a raised watch head) and making the strap shorter so there isn't too much excess.
The strap is slightly short and even for my 15cm wrist if it were to be worn like a nato (refer to picture).
Also, the straps weaving is neat and relatively comfortable. However, it is really disappointing to see the strap holes punched poorly (frayed edges as seen in photo). While it's not very visible and the frays are on the outside (as opposed to pressing against the wrist), it is poor compared to the other natos offered by NWW such as their premium natos which can be had for less.

Overall, the strap functions well and comes in a variety of rather attractive colors but its durability has yet to be tested and the finish quality of the strap is wanting as other reviews have highlighted.


Very nice soft material and fun colours. For the price its unbelievable.

Leather Watch Strap

Efficient, seamless process from ordering to delivering.

Olive is brilliant

The olive tone has such a nice hue, matchee the PVD black buckle. And the material is of a good quality, and feels very comfortable on the skin. The olive and black looks very nice, paired with my watch, very happy with the strap!

Received in good condition

Received safely with quick delivery.

Its working

Working as intended


Looks great, yet comfortable on the wrist!

Excellent quality

Fabric exudes quality and especially love the brushed hardware. Have it on my orient flight. Now if only there was a leather equivalent

Less than a week received my parcel. Parcel is well protected. 👍

Fast n good

Fast delivery. Can't fault the quality as it's a sale item.

Great strap for a very affordable price, I think I'll get more so I can mix and match with my outfits!

The strap really feels nice and gives the watch a more classic look.

Straps are of good quality

The straps are great quality, but it doesn’t “complete” bring out the watch - so the search carries on