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This is the first bright color strap that i got and it is just perfect.

the leather is just nice and the color is just the shade of blue that i like

Zulu 22mm

2nd purchase to get the zulu with SS.
Same well built zulu at this price point.

What impressed me is how easy and smooth the whole process is...

100% satisfied

Delivery came really quickly - the strap is in very good quality and worth it

Quick delivery.
Good quality and good looking.

Strap very value for money

Have to say I was surprised to receive the suede strap in taupe, doesn't feel cheap at all and is worth every penny. Giving it 4 stars simply because it came with some light blemishes on the suede surface, as well as a small cut at the tail of the strap (thankfully able to cover with the loop). Will still recommend!

Nylon Zulu Strap in Black Blue with Black Buckle

My favourite strap so far. I found the strap a little too short and would be nice if it was a half inch longer

Nylon Zulu Strap in Black Blue with Black Buckle

Loved this heavy duty zulu strap. Looks great on my diver

Heavy Duty Zulu Strap in Black with Silver Buckle

Quick delivery. Looks and feels very premium

Red NATO Strap (18mm)

Quick delivery.
Strap fits well and is a good length for anyone who has a large wrist. Strap material feels nice against the skin and appears to be well constructed. Will definitely buy more

Leather strap roll (Black)

Quick delivery.
Roll is packaged very well and comes in a nice bag.

Matt Leather Watch Strap in Red with Pre-V Silver Buckle (24mm)

Very good quality strap at a reasonable price. Will look forward to purchase more

The strap was beautiful and it’s not only just an ordinary strap but a high quality one that beautifies the watch, Very recommended to buy more strap form nomad. Will look forward to purchase more.

Green Strap 22mm

I had it as a gift to one of our staff who is a budding watch enthusiast it’s a gorgeous match it made his Bambino look a high end timepiece it compliments the green fume’ dial please refer in picture side by side with my “Orange juice” which the orange Zulu has been purchased with you guys. The quality as always great!!! Double down on that “Take My Money “ ROTFL... You guys are doin a great job and I appreciate that Nomad open a brick and mortar store at Tampines it’s easy accessible for me to purchase miscellaneous items like band openers and watch cloth. Keep up the good work in satisfying watch nerds demands. I am one happy customer.

Solid Strap

Very sturdy strap, easy to install, feels comfy and yet can withstand a beating.


Good price for the quality will buy again :)

Good quality

The strap has a good quality & decent thickness. Actual color is a bit lighter than the description image, yet still match my watch.

Very responsive service, will definitely purchase again here!

Great quality denim

Great quality for $30. Love the denim fabric’s quality.

Worth every dollar!

Quality is amazing for a $30 strap! Will definitely buy more!

Met expectations

Strap is supple and soft and feels very good to the skin. Also not too thick which is good. Tempted to get all the other colours!

Missed expectations

Strap was in my opinion too thick and stiff. Regretted getting the pre-V buckle as it’s too big as compared to my watch case.

Beautiful grey nice leather after seated on wrist after couple of use and well stitched

The strap was too Long for my wrist..with the remaining curl slightly beyond my watch..

Not too bad

This zulu strap is quite decent. I like how the metal buckles are sturdy. However, after some use, the nylon around the holes has started to fray a little. Hope it holds up in the long run.

Problems with the colour

The strap per se is not too bad. However, the strap seems to be more a cherry colour (in between red and bright pink) rather than the red you see online. This affects how the NATO strap pairs with the given watch. Apart from that decent enough.

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